PhD students visit the anti-mafia Parliamentary Commission in January 2018, with the participation of the president Rosy Bindi

PhD in Organized Crime Studies 

Director: Prof. Fabio Basile

The PhD in Studies on Organized Crime was born in the academic year 2016/2017 from the scientific, educational and cultural commitment gained at the University of Milan that has made the University a point of reference for the academic, civil and associative national world. It is indeed the first doctoral course in Italy dedicated to organized crime, a new excellence for Milan and a new resource for the fight against mafias.

Educational objectives

The PhD programme in Studies on Organized Crime aims to fulfil the need for highly specialized individuals in a field of such complexity and importance that new scientific know-how, as well as professional profiles and sensibilities, are required. It also aims to provide students with the knowledge (in sociology, history, law, economics, etc.) required to identify, define and contrast manifestations of organized crime, even within the scope of prevention, on the basis of sound theoretical foundations and appropriate methodological approaches. The course has an interdisciplinary approach and it is recognized as innovative and international. It is aimed at training high professional profiles able to operate in sensitive sectors, such as the world of finance and information, public and private institutions, national and international government and surveillance organizations.

Members of the teaching committee

1. Fabio Basile (Unimi)
2. Stefania Carnevale (Unife)
3. Carolina Castellano (Unina)
4. Cristiano Codagnone (Unimi)
5. Giuseppe De Luca (Unimi)
6. John Dickie (University College London)
7. Alessandra Dino (Unipa)
8. Simone Dossi (Unimi)
9. Andrea Ganzaroli (Unimi)
10. Orsetta Giolo (Unife)
11. Elisa Giunchi (Unimi)
12. Monica Massari (Unimi)
13. Mariele Merlati (Unimi)
14. Charlotte Moge (Lyon 3)
15. Lucia Musselli (Unimi)
16. Jesùs Palomo (Madrid, Rey Juan Carlos)
17. Ercole Giap Parini (Unical)
18. Stefania Pellegrini (Unibo)
19. Christian Ponti (Unimi)
20. Paolo Provenzano (Unimi)
21. Marzia Rosti (Unimi)
22. Monica Serrano (Colegio del México)
23. Dina Siegel (Utrecht)
24. Alberto Vannucci (Unipi)
25. Federico Varese (Oxford)
26. Daniela Vignati (Unimi)
27. Ugi Zvekic (UNODC)

Educational activities

Phd presentation of the educational activities 2021_2022

Lesson calendar

Lesson calendar 2019/2020
Lesson calendar 2020/2021


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