The scientific and cultural transfer activities take place through processes of direct interaction of the Observatory with civil society and other territorial realities, with the aim of promoting knowledge on the mafia phenomenon and on education to legality. A peculiar feature of the Observatory is precisely the involvement of its members, professors and researchers, in third mission activities. The aim is to enhance the products of teaching and research, encouraging comparison, exchange and mutual development between the University of Milan and different stakeholders, in relation to the territory and the social contexts of reference.

The Observatory collaborates closely with third sector bodies and associations operating in the field of education to legality, the fight against the mafia phenomenon and corruption, the protection of human rights. In this sense, noteworthy is the consolidated relationship with the Libera association, often a partner of the Observatory at conferences and seminars.

On the impulse of the course of Sociology of organized crime, various activities were born managed directly by the students who have consolidated over time as important associative realities in the Lombard and national panorama and today constitute stable interlocutors of the Observatory.

  1. The first to be born was, immediately after the first Laboratory of anti-mafia journalism in 2011, the site, now considered among the most reliable and lively of the specialized panorama in the field and which has received important public awards. There are, among other things, dossiers, first-hand news from the anti-mafia movement, degree theses. Its editorial staff receives original contributions on foreign crime (or on activities carried out in other countries by Italian crime) especially from students and graduates who are abroad for Erasmus or work experience.
  2. The second experience to be born was that of WikiMafia, Free Encyclopedia on the Mafias, founded in 2021, that collects voices that deepen and analyze the characters, events, processes, dynamics that have characterized the history of the mafias in Italy. A project that has been realized through the sharing of acts, judgments, articles on the subject, as well as the organization of meetings to promote awareness in the area.
  3. The third experience was, in 2013, that of Ondantimafiosa, generated by the journey on the Ship of Legality (and by the waves of force nine that accompanied it). It was born by the will of students who had participated in it and who, as a result of the great emotions experienced, decided to engage permanently in the fight against the mafia. From this experience was born in 2014, within the Faculty of Political Science, Unilibera, that is the first Milanese university presidium of the Libera association.

CROSS ricerca, insegnamento, promozione culturale dal 2013

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